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Session Description: "Living Right Side Up in an Upside-Down World!"

A wave of corporate scandals and the realities of a post-9/11 world confirm that integrity is a timeless yet timely virtue.  In a challenging and upbeat manner, this topic is addressed by exploring such questions as:  What are the crucial aspects of integrity and how can it be defined?  Why is integrity important to today’s workplace?  How can it be maintained when those around us operate differently?  A presentation on integrity might be anticipated to be dry, boring, or preachy, but this one is none of these. Instead, audiences consistently find their experience with the topic to be thought-provoking, memorable, and inspirational.

Session Description:  “Heroic Living in Troubled Times”

If you listen carefully, the “ice is cracking” in the world around us in a variety of ways:  we are truly living in troubled times.  Faced with this reality, there is a natural tendency to either wallow in despair or surrender to feelings of futility.

But there is an exciting alternative!  More than ever before, these are times ripe for the emergence of undeniable heroes from all walks of life.  This presentation explores the critical characteristics of heroic living and why it is both possible and necessary to live in such a way.

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